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FEINZER Product Care

In order to get the most out of your FEINZER high performance ceramic knives, please read the information below before use.



Ceramic knives are designed for the cutting of fruits, vegetable and meats without bones. Avoid using the knives for cutting meat with a bone or frozen foods.
Always use a plastic or wooden cutting board with your ceramic knives and avoid cutting on any other surface (e.g. plate, glass, marble, stone or tile). This will optimize the longevity of your new FEINZER® knives.

When cutting, use vertical-slicing movements for best results, do not apply pressure horizontally (e.g. moving knife side to side to release or using the knife as crusher laid on its side) as you may break or chip the blade.



It is recommended that you do not wash your ceramic knives in a dishwasher, similar to most high quality steel knives, to ensure no contact with other utensils and the long lasting life of the knife. As the blade is non-stick it is easy to wash with a warm water from a faucet.

Always store your ceramic knives separately to avoid contact with steel knives and other cutlery/utensils. Although ceramic is strong, chipping may occur with contact on the sharp edge. With use you may notice micro incisions on the blade’s edge.

This does not necessarily mean the knife has lost its effectiveness. This is normal wear of a hard material like zircon. If the knife is not performing as you like, you can re-sharpen using the recommended devices*.
*As zircon is stronger than steel most traditional sharpening devices will not work for ceramic knives. If you need to sharpen your ceramic knife, only high quality diamond sharpeners should be used. Check FEINZER accessories for recommended sharpening devices.



FEINZER ceramic knives are extremely sharp. Be careful when using them and ensure they are kept away from children. Ceramic knives may brake if dropped on a hard surface so please exercise caution. Avoid open flames as the ceramic blade conducts heat.