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FEINZER Ceramic Chef's Universal Knife - 6 inches


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Ideal for demanding slicing and chopping tasks
The FEINZER chef’s knife has a wider and longer blade used for demanding slicing and chopping tasks involving denser vegetables, fruits and boneless meats. The FEINZER chef’s knife is designed with a six inch blade size which allows a lighter, more balanced and an easier to handle chef’s knife.

Package content:
• Feinzer Ceramic Chef's Universal Knife with 6 inches blade
• Blade colour: matt black
• User manual


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FEINZER ceramic knives give you the freedom of precision cutting with effortless and artistic flair in a stylish and ergonomic design. Offering a lightweight ceramic blade with near diamond sharpness and plenty of grip due to its resin covered handle bringing advanced professional standards to your kitchen.

The ultra sharp state of the art FEINZER blades are made of zirconium ceramic which is many times harder than steel and offers the ultimate sharpness for up to ten times longer than conventional knives. FEINZER ceramics are designed to be chemically inactive, preserving the freshness of your food, without the smell or discolouration that standard steel knives often cause. FEINZER's non-stick blade is easy to clean and comes in practical matt black.