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A Guide to FEINZER Knives

Please use the below as a guide to each FEINZER knife’s purpose and features.


FEINZER Knife Range

There are four basic kitchen knife types in the FEINZER range, listed from shortest to longest blade size: paring knife, utility knife, chef's knife and a serrated/bread knife. These knives accommodate for the majority of day to day tasks and a detailed explanation of each is included below.

 Knife anatomy



FEINZER Ceramic paring knife

FEINZER ceramic paring knife 4 inches

This is the smallest knife of the FEINZER range, made up of a slightly slanted diagonal spine just before the point. The FEINZER paring knife blade is only four inches long, making it very versatile and easy to control. It is very efficient when peeling handheld small fruit and vegetables and cutting fresh herbs.



FEINZER Ceramic carving knife

FEINZER ceramic carving knife 5 inches

This is an intermediary knife between the paring and the chef’s knife with slightly less of an angle at the point. The FEINZER utility knife is lightweight with a five inch long blade, used for mid-sized undemanding fruits, vegetables and sandwich meats.



FEINZER Ceramic chef’s knife

FEINZER ceramic chef's knife 6 inches

The FEINZER chef’s knife has a wider and longer blade used for demanding slicing and chopping tasks involving denser vegetables, fruits and boneless meats. Usually chef’s knives range from 6 to 12 inch blades. The FEINZER chef’s knife is designed with a six inch blade size which allows a lighter, more balanced and an easier to handle chef’s knife.



Serrated Knife COMING SOON…

A knife with a sharp edge that has saw-like notches or teeth. The blade of a serrated knife is 5 to 10 inches long. Serrated knives are difficult to sharpen; therefore many chefs spend less on a serrated knife and buy new more often. A serrated knife with a long blade is used to slice through food that is hard on the outside and soft on the inside, such as slicing through the hard crusts of bread. A serrated knife with a short, thin blade is intended for slicing fruits and vegetables.