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The ultra-sharp FEINZER blades are made of zirconium ceramic which is many times harder than steel and offers extreme sharpness for up to ten times longer. Choosing ceramic will maintain food's taste without leaving metal smell or discolouring your fruits and vegetables as it is chemically inactive. In addition, FEINZER's non-stick blade is easy to clean. Having tried them once you will never go back to your old knives, Feinzer is forever.


FEINZER fine die casted ceramic pans are made with a FDA approved reinforced double layer of ceramic coating, an environmentally friendly material containing no PFOS or PFOA properties. Not only is it a healthier option to any Teflon type coating, it has improved corrosion and acid resistivity and a hardness which is four times stronger. Choosing FEINZER ceramic pans gives you a durable, highly non-stick and scratch free surface forming a healthy and easy to clean appliance. In addition, the design includes unique innovative features making FEINZER ceramic pans an investment for the kitchen.


The FEINZER knife storage block. The wooden exterior is made from high quality bamboo, designed in a unique oval shaped arrangement. The interior, made from freedom rods, protects knives coming into contact with each other and is a removable entity which is dishwasher safe. This elegant accessory can be used for all types of knives and is a standalone addition to any kitchen.